NorthStar Counseling Group has grown out of the lifelong friendship of its owners; Robin Miller and Jori Riske. They are driven by their dream and commitment to providing an environment that offers clients and staff the perfect space necessary to do the important work of psychotherapy.
Jori and Robin met as young girls attending an overnight camp in Northern Wisconsin. Their friendship was cultivated on the lake, in the cabin and under the stars. Camp was a safe and happy place where loyalty, trust, friendship and personal growth were encouraged and honored year after year. The long school years between summers taught them about lasting friendship and gave them the experience of returning to a place that was safe and comfortable where friendships from summers past could be renewed and relied on. When camp ended and they went their separate ways it was with fond memories and good feelings. The years between camp and adulthood flew by and they lost track of each other. As things happen, they were once again serendipitously reunited at a professional event, only to realize they had unknowingly chosen the same career path. Their friendship was reignited as if only one long school year had gone by.
For the past 20 years they have worked side-by-side and are committed to providing a space to which they will love coming. They believe all who come will find it to be an enriching and rewarding experience.
NorthStar Counseling Group’s mission is to provide an environment that is safe and comfortable for all who enter. Commitment to intelligent practice backed by honesty, integrity and sensitivity drives our treatment. We hope that all those who join us at NorthStar Counseling Group will find the services provided offer them support, guidance and safety to become their best self.

Founding Partners

Robin Miller, LCSW

Robin began her educational career studying human development and family living at the University of Kansas. Following her graduation from KU in 1994, Robin attended Loyola University Chicago where she received her Masters in Social Work. Her concentration was in clinical social work. This focus allowed her to dive into the psychodynamic framework that forms the basis of her clinical work today. Early career opportunities allowed Robin to work in home health care for Rush Hospital Chicago and as an adolescent and adult therapist for Family Services of Evanston and Skokie Valley. Following graduate school Robin focused her career on providing therapeutic services to children and adults.

Robin worked for a foster care agency where she provided therapeutic services to children and families in a specialized emotional foster care program. In this capacity Robin was involved with the Cook County juvenile court system and Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. She also collaborated with psychiatrists, area hospitals and residential placement facilities. As a therapist for a Family Service agency in Chicago, Robin provided therapy services in the home and office for clients involved in a family preservation program. Robin also lead several groups for new mothers and their babies/toddlers, as well as mothers of school age children. In addition to treatment, Robin worked on reunification evaluations through a grant with DCFS and acted as the community mental health representative at the Protective Service Team meetings at Children’s Memorial Hospital. This afforded Robin the valuable and rewarding experiences associated with treating the whole family system, while also helping her develop her understanding of how we are impacted by the world around us.

Later in her professional career Robin returned to school to become a certified school social worker. While working in the Winnetka school district Robin counseled students and parents, and consulted with school personnel, both on educational and social emotional issues that presented daily. In this capacity, Robin treated issues such as school refusal, learning disabilities, social relationships, adjustment to family life changes, executive functioning, suicide prevention, cutting behaviors, sexuality, and bullying. During the time she was employed full time as a School Social Worker, Robin began her part time work in private practice. Robin transitioned into full time private practice in 2003. As a private practitioner she has been providing individual, couples and family counseling services full time for the last 15 years.

What has driven Robin’s interest in being a therapist is her intrigue and compassion for the human experience. Robin works from the strengths based perspective and believes the individual’s unique story is the guide to be used to provide personalized therapy. Robin’s work is informed by a psychodynamic framework and years of direct contact experience, supervision, and consultation. Robin’s style has been described as laid back and thoughtful. She is known for infusing into her delivery her sense of humor and belief that we are all a lot more alike than we are different. Both clients and colleagues who work and collaborate with Robin have described her as compassionate, respectful, patient, direct, and professional. She has a keen awareness of how our relationships, past and present, and our feelings about ourselves and others drive our decisions and behaviors.

Robin loves her work and is rewarded by the trust both clients and colleagues have in her skills. Robin prides herself on her training as a social worker and has a deep commitment to the sociological and psychological factors that impact the human condition. She has a strong commitment to serving both her clients and the community. When someone contacts Robin for services she does not provide, she is committed to actively helping them find what they are seeking. She is grateful for her large network of professionals and collaborates with other talented individuals regularly. She loves to learn new things about the world from her clients and is passionate about providing useful services to the clients and community she serves.

Jori Riske, LCSW

Jori Riske, LCSW, received her Bachelor of Science in psychology from Illinois State University. It was there that she had her first experience helping others by volunteering at a 24 hour crisis hotline. In 1997, Jori obtained her Masters in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. Jori’s early internship experiences, working at a therapeutic day school and family service agency, set the tone for her career as a clinical social worker.  

Upon receiving her Masters in Social Work, Jori worked at Forest Academy, a therapeutic day school for middle school and high school students. There she was a full time clinical therapist, working with a student population that had severe emotional and behavioral issues. She worked as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive services to the students with whom she worked.

It was later in her career that Jori obtained a clinical position as a therapist at Children’s Memorial Hospital (now Lurie Children’s Hospital). Jori had a coveted position as a therapist within the outpatient department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. In this capacity, Jori was a therapist to children and families. She actively collaborated with multiple disciplines within the hospital setting. During her time at Children’s, Jori worked alongside the top psychiatrists and clinicians treating children, adolescents, and their families in the Greater Chicago Area.

Jori’s talents as a therapist were quickly recognized. She went on to join the staff of a thriving private practice in Lake County where she treated a diverse population of children, adolescents, individual, adults, and families. She also has experience providing educational presentations on clinically relevant topics to a variety of audiences including parents, educators, and community members.

Jori has been recognized over the last 20 years as a valuable resource in Lake County Illinois.  She is known for her personable nature, attention to detail, and sharp clinical skills. She is invested in best treatment practice for all of the clients she serves.  She is able to engage clients of all ages and is adept at addressing many presenting problems including, but not limited to; mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, life transitions, and parenting concerns. Jori is also trained in EMDR, using this as a treatment modality for those suffering from trauma, as well as specific phobias.

Jori understands the importance of collaboration with other professionals that may also be working with her clients. Each of those individuals has valuable information and insight to contribute to the client’s overall treatment plan. Jori takes great pride in being a resource for those seeking services within the community and always works hard to assure that prospective clients get connected with the services they are seeking. By providing her clients with a safe and nonjudgmental environment, Jori makes her therapy session conducive to self-expression, reflection, and personal growth.